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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Come Join Me

This blog is about food.  Yummy food!  Food that is fresh, tasty and grown as close to home as possible.

I am looking for the specific niche of “Made in Canada”.  That means it is grown here (if it grows here, I realize our climate is limited) made or processed, and packaged right here in our own Country.

I am particularly fond of raw, natural or organic varieties and will focus on those products primarily.

Come join me on the journey from coast to coast, province by province, all over this beautiful land, in pursuit of Canadian Food and discover all those creative and caring people who labor to bring it to our table.


Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Ahhhh... yes Betty... this IS your heart! Ever since you quoted those now famous words, "I want carrots that taste like carrots!"

We'll be looking forward to this..... I feel your passion here!

Run with it........coast to coast. Who know where this will take you!

Betty said...

This is a niche that does get me going! The journey should be interesting.

Stephanie Stewart said...

I just sent a few friends this site. Now I can do a article promoting this new blog of yours. Would that be ok? Can I use anything I find here? Let me know.

Betty said...

Thanks for visiting Stephanie!
You are welcome to do an article promoting my blog. I do appreciate that. You have my permission to use anything on this site for your article.